See What Our Customers Are Saying

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"Had issues with my daughter's transmission. I was expecting a high bill to repair the problem that turned out to be coding errors. The result was a very small repair cost. Thank you for your honesty." - Bill Iannuzzelli

They treated me right! Not only was the bill less than what they estimated, they gave me a ride to where I had to meet some people while my transmission was being worked on. These are good people and were recommended by my go-to mechanic. - Daniel Roll

"Took my truck in for them to look at so I could get an estimate of how much it would cost. Took them a week to get to it because they were busy and it was a holiday weekend. Once they called me they told me what was the problem and gave me the estimate of $350, which honestly wasn't that bad. They fixed it and returned it to me the next day and was a bit cheaper than they expected. They are truly certified!!!!" - Joseph DeMoss

They found my problem instantly, a bit of a wait time to get in sometimes, but price is pretty fair, and they know what they're doing. - Andrew Temple

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Receiving positive feedback from our customers is the greatest compliment we can get as a business. Without your feedback, it is very difficult to measure our success and find areas that we need to improve. When you leave us a review, we are able to truly gauge our success and determine if we are reaching our goals.

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We know that you are busy and we sincerely appreciate you going out of your way to leave your feedback. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your day to leave your feedback and we are grateful to have you as a customer.

Our Vision

We strive daily to reach levels of 100% customer satisfaction and have not met our goals unless all of our customers leave happy. Providing the highest quality auto repair is only part of our job. Ensuring that our customers leave completely satisfied and have an amazing experience is how truly know we have done our job.

Our Commitment To You

We are fully committed to providing the absolute best customer experience possible. If for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided, please call management so that we can resolve the issue and make things right. You can reach us at (574) 256-5528. Thank You!

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